Jelle@ 2:28pm 09-24-2011
Im Jelle and i come from The Netherlands!
The Netherlands wins the new EK!
Wy are good!
Maar the country's of Europe/Asia/Africa/America is good!
I am sometimes in this country's been: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands.
Outh wel country come you?
Please, a message!
Thank you!

Hallo ik ben Jelle en ik kom uit Nederland!
Nederland wint het EK van 2012!
Wij zijn goed!
Maar de andere landen zijn ook goed,
Ik ben welleens in deze europese landen geweest: Frankrijk, België, Luxemburg, Duitsland en Nederland natuurlijk!
In welke landen zijn jullie welleens geweest?
Laat een bericht achter!


P.S. Mijn Engels is niet goed!
rahmatullah@ 10:25pm 04-01-2011
assalamu'alaikum, kaif halak ?
Naveed Sheikh@ 4:31pm 02-06-2010
If you are able to send a review copy of your book on Osama and Public Opinion in Pakistan, I will publish a review of it in an academic journal for Western academics. Please use the following address: Dr Naveed Sheikh, School of Politics, Keele University, Keele, Staffs, ST5 5BG, United Kingdom.
Jelle@ 11:28pm 01-12-2010
Hy did guestbook of created by 123 Guestbook! from netherlands of greated guestbook from MYGB My have it ok good greated by 123guestbook of not MYGB from The Netherlands: by by: Jelle From The Netherlands
Jelle@ 8:18pm 01-07-2010
Hello my lands of: the netherlands we find it good work from al lands all lands happy new year!! From The Netherlands! bye!
koshani@ 9:54pm 11-15-2009
salllam sir . iam reading your articals. great work. my regards for mohtaram ali baba taj . khoda shomo ra wakhti khoshi bidya.
koshani@ 9:54pm 11-15-2009
salllam sir . iam reading your articals. great work. my regards for mohtaram ali baba taj . khoda shomo ra wakhti khoshi bidya.
Razik Najibi@ 3:56am 10-18-2009
* Sir Ali Baba Taj gave me the Address of this website. So i am thankful of him too.
Razik Najibi@ 3:53am 10-18-2009
I am an econimical + international affair student at one of French university here in France. I have come here with Help of Sir Ali Baba Taj.

All the articles are intresting for me specially in my d my acdamical research and activities. As a student i need some refrences regarding the claims and data in these articles, so it would be more intresting if we could fine any refrences in the articles.
once again I appreciate your jobs and as a Hazara Qouma i shake well your hands.

PS: Sorry for my poor English
Ashraf Ali Hazara@ 10:21am 03-03-2009
i really think u r doing a great job in spreading awareness and information through ur pen. we are in dire need of skilled pens which could write for hazaras. we now realise that we do possess powerful pens which can shake the sprit, ego and courage of masses. ur knowledge is great n it's said that God uses knowledge as means of prosperity for a nation. keep it up, u will see hazaras flying on day INSHALLAH.
Muhammad Ali Changez@ 10:59pm 02-04-2009
Oh, your are here in Quetta, and make struggle with your pen, because we are trying to flee to Australia for seeking better future for our lives.

Muhammad Ali Changezi
Alamdar Road Quetta
Replied on: 1:48pm 02-11-2009

I thank all readers especially Mr. Ghulam Sakhi Sabotai and Muhammad Changez for appreciating my writings. There is no doubt that today we are living in a very critical and complex situation, which is changing with a very fast pace. Our national interest and security demand an in depth analysis of the situation. We have started and going well in this field. In short, I must say that the journy of protecting our national interest and security has just been started. Its our duty to contribute our shares collectively and individually.
with best wishes,
R. Baheryab Hazara

Muhammad Ali Changez@ 10:54pm 02-04-2009
Rehmat Jan, your article on, "Yousafi on footprint of Mazari" was immensely to be lauded. It is extremely commendable efforts. Keep it up your efforts. Inshallah, valuable blood of Yousafi will bring positive change and political consciousness in Hazara tribe. Keep it up your efforts and you should optimist about Hazara. I pray for you and you should not lose your courage.

Muhammad Ali Changezi
Alamdar Road Quetta
nadir@ 11:20pm 01-31-2009
bisyar khob shod k mazmon e az shomo ra khandom...dil ma tassalli wa hoselay ma boland shod.
azi ki maqal e shom bisyar jalib asta bayad tamam dosta k E ra mekhana, khob da ghaur bekhana wa dega dosta wa rafiqa ra ham boga.
Ghulam Sakhi Sabotai@ 11:39pm 01-30-2009
Dear Rehmat,
I went through your informative article, but you did not mention that Hazaras are Shias, Sunnis and Buddists. A considerable number of Sunni Hazaras live in Ghawsabad Quetta who are proud to introduce themselves as Hazaras, but they are Sunni in their sect. Besides, there are great number of Buddists Hazaras in Quetta. I myself along with my over a dozen of my freinds have been converted into religion of our ancertors, Buddism, the religion of peace in the world. We have launched a campaign to convert more Hazaras to adopt religion of their forefathers, the religion of peace, Buddism.

Ghulam Sakhi Sabotai
Hazara Town Quetta
Replied on: 10:10pm 01-31-2009

Answered at 9:57pm 01-31-2009
Mr. Ghulam Sakhi Sabotai!
thank you for your comments and response.
i will write you in details.

R Baheryab HaZara

Khan M Malik@ 11:30pm 01-27-2009
it is good!
keep it up!